Huawei donates electronic tablets to Disability Organisation


The Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities (GCOPD) has received a donation of 15 electronic tablets from Huawei Technologies Ltd.

The devices were received recently facilitated by the local Huawei Technologies country manager. The 15 media pads are to be used in the GCOPD’s virtual education and training programmes.  Huawei Technologies Ltd responded promptly to a request from the organisation for the donation to assist in the implementation of the virtual programmes.

The management of GCOPD and intended beneficiaries wishes to express sincerest gratitude to Huawei Technologies Ltd for their kind and timely donation, which will greatly enhance the work of the organisation.

Further, the devices would ensure person with disabilities that are in the rural areas of Guyana are able to access virtual education and training programmes.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, all GCOPD programmes are implemented virtually and the trainees and students are require to have an internet ready device.  However, the majority of the persons with disabilities that register for these programmes are not in possession of a device and the organisation is required to provide same to each individual. (GCOPD press release)

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