Human Services Ministry to launch ‘Men’s Only’ Virtual hangout


A virtual safe-space for men to be candid about issues affecting them will be launched by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security (MoHSSS) on Thursday, January 14, 2021.

During the first hangout, men will have an opportunity to weigh in on how they are Coping With Expectations.

The Men’s only forum was conceptualised by subject minister, Vindhya Persaud, following the ministry’s International Men’s Day rally on November 19, 2020.

“We heard what the men had to say, and it was only fitting for us to devise programmes that are male driven. Therefore, it was prudent to create a medium where they can open up to each other without judgement; instead advice and solutions will be given and friendships formed,” Persaud noted.

The weekly one-hour programme will span over a two-month period, and will attract male panellists from various backgrounds to “engage with the men”.

“This is not a forum where men will be lectured. It will be a relaxed atmosphere where men in various environments can relate their anxieties, experiences and encourage each other,” Minister Persaud explained.

“Under the direction of mentors and experts, we want men to walk away from these sessions with a better understanding of how to address their insecurities, coping mechanisms and gain fresh perspectives and advice in their personal development.”

Feedback from the sessions will be reviewed and integrated into existing and future programmes developed by GAB for men. Manager of the Gender Affairs Bureau (GAB), Adel Lilly and Senior Gender Affairs Officer, Diego Alphonso will host the sessions.

Each session, which will be hosted via ZOOM, will begin at 18:00 h. Every Monday, the topic for the week will be uploaded to the Ministry’s Facebook page:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 845 4875 0574
Passcode: 948384

(Ministry of Human Services and Social Security press release)

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