Improvised weapons, ganja, other items found during NA prison raid


A raid of the New Amsterdam prison early Wednesday unearthed a number of prohibited items, including improvised weapons and marijuana.

A statement from the prison service revealed that the raid was done at about 06:20h by a total of 85 ranks drawn from the Joint Services. The search concluded at 09:08h.

The following prohibited articles were unearthed:

  1. Six (Lighters
  2. A number of wires
  3. One Phone Charger
  4. A quantity of Ziplock bags
  5. Four metal spoons
  6. Six Improvised weapons
  7. A quantity of Razor Blades
  8. One Adapter
  9. One Phone Batteries
  10. Four Chargers and cables
  11. Eight Zip Loc bags containing leaves, seeds & stems (30 grams)
  12. One pair of Scissors
  13. Four Cellular Phones
  14. One Mirror
  15. One nail clip
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