President Ali donates engines, boat and ultrasound machine to Reg. 10


President Irfaan Ali on Thursday donated a boat, two boat engines, an ultrasound machine and a number of treated mosquito nets to Region 10.

The President made the donation while on an outreach to the region. He aims to put systems in place to make healthcare services more accessible to all Guyanese.

According to the Region’s Health Officer Gregory Harris, the two boat engines (40 and 15 horsepower) would be used to improve the lives of people mainly in Sub-Region 2.

“For years it has been known that Sub Region 2 have not had access to certain diagnostic test so we are very grateful,” Harris said.

He explained that antenatal mothers, mainly in Sub-Region 2 will now have access to an ultrasound machine and assured the President that all the donated equipment would be used to improve healthcare service delivery and the lives of all the people in the region.

Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, Director General of the Ministry of Health, also noted that President Ali gave instructions that healthcare services in the hinterland and riverain areas should not be less accessible than that on the coast.

“Following [President Ali’s] instructions and interest in ensuring that there is equitable and equal healthcare across the country, systems are being put in place to ensure that every pregnant mother will get an ultrasound, will be seen by a doctor, will have dental screening, will have an HIV test, will have all the blood work that is necessary,” Dr Mahadeo explained.

He added that the 40HP engine will be used by the Medex that is based in Kalkuni to traverse the riverain areas to service each of the health centres, while the 15HP will be used to service areas in Kwakwani.

Dr Mahadeo also noted that the Regional Health Officer and Regional Executive Officer have made budgetary allocations to ensure that the hospital and health centres in the region are able to provide healthcare services to all. (Office of the President press release)

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