President Ali promises to revitalise housing, agriculture in Region 10


President Irfaan Ali on Thursday assured residents of Region 10 that his government remains committed to ensuring that all of Guyana, including their region, benefit from development plans underway as he promised to revitalise the housing and agriculture sectors in the region.

The Head of State was at the time addressing the gathering at the opening of the Regional outreach at the Watooka House in Linden where he engaged with members of the public and representatives of various groups, including the Women’s Group, Farmers Group and Forestry Group.

President Ali acknowledged the needs of the community, particularly as it relates to access to housing. On this note, he said over the years, there has been a sloth in the development of the sector as the investment was not there to satisfy the demand in the region.

“I want to assure you that we are going to put back resources to put back the energy, the vibrancy into housing and to create the opportunities that housing once created in the region,” the President said.

He said that the issue is not just access to land or access to agricultural land, but to work with the people of the community to transform the land to asset. This, the President said, will bring economic wealth to the communities.

President Ali also announced the government’s intention to work with farmers to develop a master plan through which they can increase their productive capacity in agriculture. This master plan will also touch on the other sectors of the economy.

The President also assured the residents that the creation of employment within the communities is high on his government’s agenda and will be supported by developments in ICT, particularly with the establishment of a call centre in the region.

“We now have to get the telecommunications sector to up the bandwidth to make investment here so that we can redirect traffic here to establish call centres, create jobs, increase the disposable incomes of families, giving them greater ability and capacity to participate in the economy; those are the types of things we are targeting.”

The President said communication among the various agencies is vital along with a strengthened link to central government. This he said will result in the development of the communities.

Residents of Region 10 during the meeting with President Irfaan Ali (Photo: Office of the President/January 14, 2021)

“We are fixing a system that was broken; to fix that system requires all of us to work together. The Regional Democratic Council identifying where the broken bones are, working with the central government and the central government will work with the RDC…that is what will lead to development. The first thing that is essential is communication. That is why we are here today to communicate directly to the stakeholders, to listen directly to the stakeholders and to formulate a plan and a programme that all of us will be proud to be associated with.”

President Ali then pointed to the importance of the presence of the ministers of government in formulating a collective response to the needs of the communities. He said his government is not concerned about the politics, but is concerned about the people’s welfare.

“My government has made it very clear that our only intention is to serve the people of this country and serve all the people of this country.  You not only have our commitment,  but the people of Region 10 can rest assured that you have a President and a Cabinet and a Government who are ready to fulfill its mandate and commitment to uplifting your lives and making your lives better. I assure you that this government is ready to work with every single Guyanese … I do not concern myself with the politics of any community, I concern myself with the welfare of the people of the communities.”

Meanwhile, the Regional Chairman, Deron Adams in welcoming the President and the delegation, assured that the region will work “hand and glove” with the government to realise the development aspirations of the communities.

He also pointed to several immediate needs including access to housing, financing for small businesses, improved access to primary healthcare, and the formulation of an Economic Implementation Plan among others.

Mr Adams also assured the gathering of the region’s support in the safeguarding of Guyana’s territorial integrity.

Members of the Cabinet present at the outreach include the Ashni Singh – Minister of Finance; Juan Edghill – Minister of Public Works; Vickram Bharrat – Minister of Natural Resources; Collin Croal – Minister of Housing and Water; Kwame McCoy – Minister within the Office of the Prime Ministry; Oneidge Waldrond – Ministry of Tourism; Nigel Dharamlall – Minister of Local Government;  Anand Persaud – Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development; Charles Ramson Jnr – Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport; and Dr Vindya Persaud—Minister of Human Services and Social Security. (Extracted and modified from Office of the President)

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