Construction of 50 young professional homes in Region 10 by end of October – President Ali 


President Irfaan Ali on Thursday announced that by the end of October this year, 50 young professional homes will be constructed in Amelia’s Ward, Region 10.

The President made this announcement following a discussion with doctors from the region, who highlighted their housing shortages.

“Here is what we are going to do, we are going to bring the bank in… and we’re going to develop 50 Young Professional homes. We have the designs just like we did for Eccles. So you’ll be living in an environment that you’d be proud of. So we will set aside 50 house lots. We will build the homes.”

President Ali told the doctors that officials from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) will return to the region on Monday with representatives from the banking institutions to expedite the prequalification process.

“We will pre-qualify you, so you will get your loan, your house lot and your house on the same day.”

The President encouraged the health workers to ensure that they work collectively in delivering optimal healthcare services to the residents of the region.

Immediately following the announcement, one of the beneficiaries, Dr Aliana Anderson, used the opportunity to express gratitude to President Ali for his swift intervention.

“I feel very pleased because we go there and say that we are young professionals and right away he knew exactly what could have been our issue. I was just thinking about a whole long speech I had to say and he just went right to it. I feel very happy and I feel like he is the person for young people, like he wants to see us develop and be better. I am really happy.” (Office of the President press release)

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