Moraikobai COVID-19 cases continue to rise; residents reluctant to test


A regional team, comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, officials of the region along with other health personnel visited Moraikabai (Region Five) on Thursday, with the aim of getting as many residents as possible to get tested for the coronavirus.

However, the visiting delegation was not able to conduct much testing, as residents were reluctant to get tested. Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, in his daily COVID-19 update on Monday, said, “We were only able to do 17 tests (on Thursday) and that is quite unfortunate because for us to get a better understanding of what is happening in Moraikobai, we really need to get more people tested.”

As of Monday, there were 44 positive cases in Moraikobai. That figure though, might not be totally accurate, given the limited number of tests that were done.

The minister added that though the community has medics and other health personnel, they will be sending in additional professionals to stay maybe for a couple of weeks until the situation is under control.

“While the Chairman was there, I think we got pledges from the people that they would be working more closely with us, but it was unfortunate when the Chairman left we didn’t get that type of cooperation,” the minister said.

Though these extensive measures are being taken, the minister still urges residents to cooperate by taking the COVID-19 test.

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