GNBS now equipped to test quality of locally-manufactured hollow blocks


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) in 2020 established a laboratory, which now has the capacity to facilitate the testing of concrete hollow blocks made locally.

Public Relations Officer of the GNBS, Lloyd David, commenting recently on establishment on the facility, said, “It is a very important process and service because we believe that concrete block makers need to understand the compressive strength of the blocks they are making and of course, ultimately this will benefit the consumers.”

David explained that the GNBS has received complaints in the past about the quality of blocks produced locally, hence the move to build capacity through training and the purchase of equipment to conduct the relevant tests.

Essentially, the GNBS is calling on all block makers to submit their samples for testing, assuring that it is a simple process and block owners will receive a certificate upon completion of these tests.

David mentioned that the testing will take three to five days, and it will allow block makers to get a gauge of the strength of the blocks they are manufacturing and whether they need to make adjustments.

“In terms of testing, a manufacturer can supply at least one to five blocks for testing. However, for certification, the standards require 10 blocks for testing as the sample,” David related.

With this initiative, the GNBS is aiming for all block makers to conform to the national standards. In addition, the GNBS wishes for all consumers and block owners to benefit from these free testing and certification programme.

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