Bars permitted to open at 40% capacity; curfew remains


The Government of Guyana has extended the COVID-19 measures for the month of February, which means that restrictions against social activities remain in place and the 10:30pm to 4am curfew is still in effect.

In the updated measures published in the official Gazette on Friday, the restriction was lifted on bars and they are now allowed to reopen between 4am and 9:30pm.

The same applies for indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants. Indoor dining is restricted to 40% of the capacity of the building, and tables are to be placed six feet apart.

The new measures also outline that no more than four persons should be seated at one table.

Meanwhile, no recreational activities are allowed on any river, creek, beach or swimming pools. The restriction on private parties and social activities has also been extended and cinemas remain closed.

The updated measures did not state whether nightclubs are allowed to reopen.

Social distancing, handwashing and the wearing of masks remain mandatory.

See the updated COVID-19 guidelines here

Editor’s Note: The News Room had inadvertently published that bars remain closed. We apologise for the error.

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