Third COVID-19 testing option to be rolled out this week


GeneXpert machines will soon be used to carry out COVID-19 tests. According to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, the machines were previously used to test persons for tuberculosis, but have now been recalibrated to test for COVID-19.

The Health Minister on Monday said the first machine will be sent up at the Lethem Regional Hospital in Region Nine this week. Testing will be done right at the hospital and persons will be able to get results within an hour. Staff will also be trained on how to use the machines.

“They will be able to do the testing at the hospital itself. They don’t have to send samples to Georgetown; they can do it right there and they will be able to get back results within an hour using that particular machine,” the Minister explained.

Other machines will be available at the Mabaruma Regional Hospital in Region One, the Linden Hospital Complex in Region Ten and the New Amsterdam Hospital in Region Six.

“We have got some other machines which we will be deploying to the other regions as well,” the Minister said.

Additionally, the government has also implemented rapid antigen testing, which is done within 20-30 minutes but a more accurate test, the PCR test is done with the results available within 24hrs.





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