Electrician robbed of new model Allion car in Sophia


Police are on the hunt for a male and a female who stole a new model silver Toyota Allion car, PXX 4871, from a 43-year-old electrician on Monday at ‘D’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that Corwin Griffith was working private hire taxi and was in the vicinity of America Street when he was stopped by the two suspects, who asked to go to ‘D’ Field.

Griffith told the police that the suspects placed two black garbage bags, suspected to be clothing, in the trunk.

Upon arrival at the location, Griffith exited the car to remove the items from the trunk, when the male suspect jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away with the car with the female inside.

The car is valued at G$3.4 million. Police said the male was “dressed in a grey jersey, black short pants, medium built, fine feature face, low cut hair, dark in complexion”, while the female was “dressed in black Rampa, medium built, fat feature face, plait hair, brown in complexion.”


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