Edghill tackles illegal vending at seawall; developmental changes on stream


Citing several violations of the regulations, Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill on Wednesday appealed to vendors who ply their trade on the seawall in Georgetown to get in conformity.

The minister made the call during a meeting held at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Georgetown, geared towards updating vendors on the ministry’s and government’s developmental agenda.

In attendance at the meeting were the Chairman of the Sea and River Defence Board (S&RDB), Brigadier Gary Beaton; Chief Sea and River Defence Officer, Samad and Secretary of the S&RDB, Jermaine Braithwaite.

During his opening remarks, the Chairman of the Board underscored the important role vendors will play in the developmental plans of the seawall, especially as it relates to safety.

Secretary of the Board, Mr. Braithwaite noted that the seawall has a strong tourist attraction and the aim of the ministry is to improve the experience for both vendors and tourists.

To achieve this, he specifically highlighted changes which soon come on stream, including:

-Sanitary facilities



-Waste management and

-Organized vending/ business activities/ recreational activities

The secretary also reminded that an application must be approved by the S&RDB for vending to take place. He pointed out that several issues are currently ongoing which will not be allowed to continue. These include:

-Units being placed on the Seawall

-Congestion on the tarmac

-Structures not in conformity with regulations (Being immobile, Structures should be 15 feet off from road)

-Vending on Seawall road (No encumbrances, such as coolers, and carts, etc should be on the road)

Minister Edghill, while addressing the vendors explained, “This engagement today is designed to do two things, help us to prepare for 2021 and beyond, in terms of Guyana’s development and secondly to immediately bring some order and perspective to what is now an increasing situation of lawlessness.”

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill and other officials at the meeting (Public Works Ministry photo)

He was keen to note that the government’s intention is not to take away bread from those seeking to make a living, but rather to ensure the order is maintained in the process of doing so.

On this note, Minister Edghill informed vendors that illegal vending will not be allowed to continue, that is vending without permission from the S&RDB and vending on the actual seawall.

According to Minister Edghill, vending on the seawall structure obstructs the usage of the structure by persons trying to exercise or a family seeking to spend time together. Minister Edghill also told the vendors that this practice would also affect possible emergency works, if or when the need may arise.

During a question-and-answer segment, the Public Works Minister pointed out that one person will not be permitted to operate at multiple spots and warning letters will be issued to persons vending illegally. He also encouraged persons who have not received permission to vend to immediately apply.

In the near future, zoning will be implemented which will allow for spots to be numbered for better management. (Modified press release from Ministry of Public Works)

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