AAG pondering options on format of February 14 Developmental Meet


The Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) will host its first Development Meet on February 14 at the National Track and Field Centre, and President Aubrey Hutson said they are still in discussions with coaches as to the best format it should take.

The meet will feature all of Guyana’s junior and senior elite athletes presently at home.

However, given the lengthy lay-off due to the pandemic, Hutson indicated they have not decided as yet on the format since the seniors, who have Olympic hopes would need to start pressing for qualification times from now.

“We are working with the coaches as it relates to what kind of event we should have; do we do the regular distances or do we do the odd distances,” Hutson told News Room Sport on Friday.

He added, “There is the other suggestion that in particular the athletes who are competing for the Olympics and must compete at our seniors in April, should do regular distances because we would not have enough time to do odd distances and then go into regular distances. So what you might see is the junior athletes who are not necessary eyeing the Olympics doing the odd distances while the seniors doing regular distances.”

Hutson said he expects an eager group who are hungry for competition.

Given there will be athletes coming from Linden and Berbice, the AAG head said they opted to keep one “long day” of competition and those who compete in the early morning sessions can distance themselves after.

Only AAG officials, athletes, active coaches, and members of the media will be allowed into the venue.

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