Nadir commits to Speaker’s Cup International Softball for next four years


Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir, has pledged the continued support of the Speaker’s Cup for at least the next four years. At the launch it was disclosed that 16 teams will compete in two categories.

The initial thought behind the tournament was to use it as a platform to edify the public about the three arms of the state: Legislative, Judiciary and Executive.

“Our people, especially our younger people, need to be more aware of the function of the state. As part of bringing the Legislature closer to the people, we have to bring it closer to the campaign. What I envisage is that we can engage with the children; be more prevalent on social media, inform the public; and work through sport to promote cohesion,” Nadir indicated at the launch held at the Everest Cricket Club recently.

Inclement weather late last year made the plans change from hardball to softball.

The Everest Cricket Club Masters, of which Nadir is club president, devised the Speaker’s Cup International Softball, which is fixed for the Easter weekend.

“We have to make it sustainable and for a period, not a one one-off competition and we are prepared to commit the seed resources to make this happen for the next four years.”

Anil Beharry, who spoke on behalf of the sponsors, said the interest  in the tournament is high, and since it will be played on a holiday weekend, the sponsors stand to benefit from more publicity.

In closing, Safraz Sheriffuden, an Everest Cricket Club executive stated, “I know the success of most tournaments are being judged by the conclusion, maybe the final with the winner and the celebration, but the base for the success is set by the sponsors because without them we cannot start.”

Of the 16 teams, six are from overseas, who will play in the Over-45 and Over-50 categories.

The sponsors include: MMD Hollow Blocks and Pavers, Trophy Stall, V-Net Communications, New Doctors Clinic, Beacon Café, Coss Cutters, General Marines, ACS Mining and Raj Ace Auto.

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