BUDGET 2021: 10,000 house lots, 7,000 land titles in 2021


Thousands of citizens will have their own houses in 2021, as the government intends to distribute 10,000 house lots while 7,000 land titles will be distributed this year, according to Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh.

Dr Singh reminded that in its manifesto, the PPP/C government promised that thousands of Guyanese will be able to own their homes. In keeping with that promise, a massive distribution of house lots and titles will take place in 2021.

Additionally, $6 billion will be spent on enhancing infrastructural and utility works in existing housing areas. This will ensure that residents are not only living in their own houses, but they are living in spaces that are well-equipped to provide a satisfying stay, replete with adequate amenities.

Also, $4 billion has been allocated to enhance the water supply system across the country, including the development of new wells.

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