BUDGET 2021: $22.6B for Agriculture; $185M for Hospitality Institute


As the government unveils its fiscal plan for 2021, huge sums have been allocated to support the struggling non-oil sectors.

During his presentation of the 2021 National Budget in the National Assembly on Friday, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh revealed that a total of $22.6 billion has been set aside to support the agriculture sector.

The Finance Minister told the House that the sector suffered from neglect by the previous APNU+AFC government over the last five years.  According to Dr Singh, with special attention being given to non-oil sectors like agriculture, the government will ensure funding is provided to ensure the sectors are cushioned.

Dr Singh said agriculture must become a major anchor of the non-oil economy with the country poised to realise its potential as the breadbasket of the region.

Meanwhile, the government will pump some $185 million into the tourism industry geared towards the realisation of the long-touted Hospital Training Institute.

More than 1,800 persons are expected to be trained and certified annually through the Institute, Dr Singh said.  He said the government intends to support the growth and development of the tourism sector which was harshly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He reasoned that this level of investment will help to improve service delivery and put thousands of Guyanese in work.  Budget 2021 is being presented under the theme: “A path to recovery, economic dynamism and resilience.’

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