BUDGET 2021: $630M to expedite Amerindian Land Titling project


The long-delayed Amerindian Land Titling project will be expedited through the budgetary allocation of $630 million, according to Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh.

“We spent the last few months of 2020, preparing the groundwork for re-energising the Amerindian Land Titling programme to achieve its aim of providing titles to 68 villages,” Dr Singh said during his presentation of the 2021 National Budget at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) on Friday.

The Amerindian Land Titling Project, which sought to secure lands and natural resources for Amerindians, began under the previous PPP/C administration and was funded by $2.2 billion (US$11M) United Nations Development Programme grant.

The project, however, ended in 2016, one year into the A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance for Change Coalition (APNU+AFC) administration and several communities did not receive their titles. And though the project was extended, there are still many outstanding projects.

As such, Dr Singh emphasised that intensified efforts will be directed towards ensuring that the indigenous peoples get their land titles.

Additionally, $500 million has been allocated for the development of hinterland roads to enhance access and the use of these. Importantly too, 196 scholarships will be provided to hinterland youth.

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