E-Networks welcomes removal of VAT on residential and individual data

-Intends to continue leading transformation of Guyana’s ICT sector


E-Networks, a 100% Guyanese owned and managed telecoms provider, today lauded the Government of Guyana on removing Value Added Tax (VAT) from residential and individual data services.

In fulfilling a manifesto promise, the Government has introduced this initiative at a crucial time when the demand for quality internet services is driven by the pandemic-related shift to virtual work, education, and entertainment. This move, which will reduce the overall cost of these services, will provide much-needed costs savings to Guyanese.

This measure, which quickly follows the swift liberalisation of the telecoms sector last year, also strongly signals the Government’s support of the sector’s growth and development.

Over the past year, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for internet services to be affordable as well as fast, reliable, and of sufficient quality to support online learning, collaboration, and video services. These bandwidth-intensive applications have become essential to those working and learning from home.

Its affordability is a key concern, especially for many Guyanese who have been financially impacted by the pandemic. E-Networks has sought to address these pain points by introducing the best value internet services on the market to home users. The company offers the fastest internet services in Guyana at the lowest prices.

In appreciation for this measure that will enhance these services’ affordability, E-Networks also expressed its commitment to continue leading the transformation of Guyana’s ICT sector through innovation. During its seventeen-year existence, the company has significantly contributed to the industry’s progression by introducing many new technologies.

More recently, E-Networks has been leading the transformation of Guyana’s internet sector through its Xlink international cable and 5G network, which has allowed the company to offer increased bandwidths at lower prices. E-Networks is focused on bringing to Guyana the latest advancements in the global sector, such as cloud services and expanding its 5G network, so that Guyanese benefit from its transformational power. (E-Networks Press Release)

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