USA-based Kwakwani resident continues support with equipment donation


The village of Kwakwani, located in the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region of Guyana, has a rich history in the sporting arena be it football, basketball or other sport, but like every other village or area in this nation, has been battling with the challenges being presented by the global pandemic, COVID-19.

But even while the virus continues to take its toll, residents of the village have been banding together whilst observing the protocols as outlined by the National COVID-19 Task Force to ensure that the fall-out from this virus is minimal and that they can rebound as quickly as possible in every aspect of their lives, including sport.

Recently, members of the Region 10, Sub Region Two Football Committee were presented with letters of appointment along with the terms of reference as they seek to chart a new course for the sport.

Basketball has been a shining light for the community under the astute technical leadership of National Coach Ann Gordon and this sport as well will be seeking to come out bouncing hard whenever the green light is given to resume.

Wendell James handing over racquets and balls to Kwakwani Management Center staff, Orlena Towler

The two above mentioned sport as well as circle tennis and lawn tennis have been boosted with a donation of equipment, compliments of USA-based resident and former Striker Football Club member, Wendell James, who is continuing a tradition he has started a few years now.

The former utility player (goalkeeper, striker, defender) handed over footballs, basketballs, tennis racquets and balls to the relevant committees.

With regards to lawn tennis, James indicated that it is a sport they are seeking to get going in the community and has plans to utilise the Management Centre Court which has to be spruced up a bit.

“I try my best to support my community in whatever sport possible. Once I can see the effort, I give my support. I have supported basketball, football and now we are trying to get tennis going as well. If we can get volleyball going that would be a plus for our youth.”

Cognisant of what sport can do for the youths in terms of their self-empowerment and development, James had the following words of encouragement for his young villagers as well as youths throughout Guyana.

“I would encourage all youth to play sport, I know as a kid we were involved in every sport, from athletics to football, basketball, swimming, whichever sport it was we were there to take part. So I would encourage our youth to do that as much as they possibly can. In terms of the Kwakwani youth, once I am satisfied with what I am seeing, they can always count on me to be there to assist them with equipment and uniforms to help them develop because I know we have very talented athletes in this community.”

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