Animal welfare group welcomes gov’t pledge to support fight against animal cruelty


The animal welfare group Paws For A Cause – Guyana, has welcomed the recent public statement by President Irfaan Ali that the government will provide direct investment and allocations to support associations and organizations working to prevent cruelty against animals.

“This focus on animal welfare and pledge for direct budgetary support are unprecedented at a public policy level, much less coming from the President of our nation himself,” the group said in a statement.

Paws For A Cause – Guyana said it also met recently with First Lady Arya Ali and she also committed to supporting efforts to improve standards of care and wellbeing for animals.

“Our President and First Lady have shown exemplary leadership and commitment to the pursuit of the ‘greater good’ and we encourage all animal lovers to support their noble work,” Paws For A Cause stated.

It added: “While organizations such as ours need to continue to play an important role in protecting animals, His Excellency has sent a clear message that his Government will not tolerate animal abuse. We all as citizens must encourage and ensure that public officials diligently carry out His Excellency’s call for improved animal welfare across our great country.”

Paws For a Cause – Guyana is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 2019; it’s aim is to improve animal welfare in Guyana.

“We unreservedly support His Excellency’s assertions that as a nation we will be judged by the way we treat animals, and that such ‘soft issues’ importantly adds to the story of who we are as Guyanese.”

The group said it wholeheartedly believes that Guyanese can become more compassionate and caring towards each other when children in particular are taught to be compassionate and caring towards animals.

Alternatively, it said animal abuse can often be an indication of or trigger for violent tendencies towards other humans.


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