Giftland Mall owes no taxes to City Hall – High Court rules


After repeatedly insisting that it was owed well over $100 million in taxes by Giftland Mall and later moving to the court in a bid to collect the outstanding monies, the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has lost its case with the High Court ruling that no taxes are owed to the city by Giftland Mall.

In a statement, Giftland Mall said despite the attacks on its reputation and being a responsible corporate entity, it will offer an olive branch to the M&CC to find a way to work together recognising that the country cannot run without taxes.

See full statement from Giftland Mall below:

The Giftland Group wishes to inform the public that the long contentious tax issue with the Mayor & City Council has finally been resolved in court today.

Chief Justice, Madame Roxanne George, has ruled on all points in this case and have found in our favor, that the Mayor & City Council have acted illegally in the matter against the Giftland Mall, and that at this period no taxes are owing by Giftland Mall to the city.

Giftland and Mr. Roy Beepat have been fully vindicated against the damage which has been done by the terrible slander vocalized by the he Mayor and his cohorts and we have stood up against the most vile and offensive attacks on our reputation. The public can now judge for themselves the untruths and misinformation spread by the Mayor, for someone with a supposedly spiritual background, should have known that the truth would have eventually surface and his lies & deception would eventually see the light of day. Finally, he has been exposed for the charlatan that he is.

There were many that have been supportive of our stand and this has been fully exonerated in the Court today. Giftland represented by Senior Timothy Jonas brilliantly fought against the M&CC Lawyers and AG Chambers. To our supporters, thank you, to those who have been misled by tribal politics, we forgive you.

Being a responsible corporate entity, Giftland will offer an olive branch to the M&CC to find a way to work together recognizing that the Country cannot run without taxes, despite its malicious attack on our reputation, we continue to be here to serve all Guyanese people with the highest standards possible and look forward to your continued support.

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