Secure Innovations and Concepts new owner of ‘Mad Dog’ Supra


The powerful Toyota Supra of the late Deryck ‘Mad Dog’ Jaisingh is now under the control the business entity Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc.

Businessman and racing enthusiast, Harold Hopkinson, revealed to News Room Sport on Thursday he decided to purchase the vehicle so that the memory of Jaisingh can live on in the sport, and the fact that he saw immense potential in the car.

In April 2020, Jaisingh succumbed to the dreaded COVID-19 virus, becoming Guyana’s fifth recorded death from the disease.

Hopkinson said that the experienced Shawn Persaud will continue to lead the mechanical crew and they opted to significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle, which should add greater efficiency and by default, more speed.

Given the extensive work on the new Launchpad, other track modifications and race day prep, the new management is aiming to dip below the eight-second marker and pose a significant threat to record-holders Team Mohamed’s.

In the past, the car has produced low eight-second times, and next Sunday (February 28), it will be piloted by Denzel ‘Hammertime’ Hopkinson, a seasoned Go-karter and Group Two driver and winner.

The senior Hopkinson, a multiple National Handgun Champion, said there is a chance he “will put on his safety gear and challenge the younger guns.”

“We bought this car firstly to keep the memory alive, but also we will use it to market the security firm so you will see the car various places and fully branded by the company. It’s a great machine and with the work were are doing it can go very fast,” Hopkinson explained.

He further thanked Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) President, Rameez Mohamed, for his assistance in making sure the car remains in the drag racing fraternity.

The new team is gearing up for the February 28 Drag Race Meet at South Dakota Circuit and with travel restrictions halting the presence of overseas competitors, it is expected the Supra versus GT-R clash will be the marque event of the day.

Persons would only be allowed ticketed entry into the venue, but the exact number has not yet been finalised. The Club, as part of its control mechanism against COVID-19, is also taking the necessary steps to reduce the number of support staff competitors would bring on race day.

There are also plans to partner with a leading local company to live stream the event to those at home and on their digital devices.

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