Man found burnt to death at Enmore supermarket had altercation with ‘identifiable male’


While Police are still to ascertain the identity of the man burnt to death at the newly-built Huaxin Supermarket at Enmore, East Coast Demerara, they have been able to confirm that he had an altercation with an “identifiable male” moments before fire was seen coming from the compound.

On Monday morning, a worker attached to building made the gruesome discovery after reporting for work at around 08:20h. The victim, of East Indian descent, was found lying on the northern side of the compound with severe burns about the body.

Police, upon reviewing CCTV cameras at the Supermarket and nearby buildings, revealed that the victim and another male of East Indian descent had an argument at around 02:46h on February 22.

According to the Police report, the suspect was seen holding and pushing the now dead man to the northern side of the compound.

The suspect was then seen picking up empty cardboard boxes from within the Supermarket compound, after which a fire emanated from the area the deceased was pushed at around 03:12h.

“The male East Indian then picked up his bicycle and rode away heading in the western direction. CCTV footage were extracted and several persons were questioned,” Police said.

Investigations are ongoing.

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