98-Y-0 woman allegedly raped, beaten

- residents outraged


Residents of Rose Hall Town, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) have expressed outrage over the alleged rape and beating of an elderly woman.

The News Room understands that the 98-year-old woman lives alone and was discovered in a battered state by her caregiver. The caregiver remains in a state of shock.

“She say them boys come in, beat she and push their hands down her throat, they choke she,” the distraught caregiver told the News Room.

A glass with rum was also found on the steps.

The caregiver didn’t immediately suspect that the elderly woman was raped; it was only when she was dressing her to go to the hospital that she noticed her underwear was torn and there was blood.

The caregiver later found a bloodstained sheet and contacted the police.

The police, however, did not provide any help and upon arrival at the scene, they told the caregiver to take the elderly woman to the hospital and to contact them if she has more information.

“The time is getting wicked. It’s not nice; it’s gives you shockwaves. It leaves you at a lost and you question what this world is coming to,” said a resident of the town.

A number of residents at the scene expressed their anger and disgust and called on the police to provide more patrol.

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