Arson suspected after three buildings destroyed by fire at La Grange


By Dinica Paul

An early morning fire which started in a house at Lot 36 La Grange, West Bank Demerara, spread to two nearby buildings and has left millions of dollars in damage and several homeless.

The occupants of the house where the fire started believe it was an act of arson and suspect a neighbour who they have a grievance with.

Ramjatie Anantram, a seamstress, and Mahase Anantram, a tailor, told the News Room that the fire started at 01:30h in the bottom flat of the house, but they quickly extinguished it.

Investigators at the scene on Tuesday (Dinica Paul/February 23,2021)

However, at 02:00h, another fire started in the same spot but this time, it was bigger and out of control. The couple had to escape and did not manage to save anything.

The couple is unable to estimate the cost of their losses but noted that the two-storey house had three bedrooms, their sewing equipment, and it was well-furnished.

The remains of the fire (Dinica Paul/February 23,2021)

The fire spread to a liquor store and an apartment building. The owner of the store, Purushotam Geewan, popularly known as ‘Rambo,’ said he stood and watched over a decade of hard work burnt to the ground.

“We barely saved a pick-up and a car: our canter was destroyed. I had a music set for about $25M. Since this is a wholesale place, I stocked my shop up yesterday for Mashramani,” Geewam shared.

He said over 1,000 cases of beer, Guinness, other beverages, five generators, and water pumps were destroyed.

Geewan noted that apart from his liquor store, there were four apartments in the yard which were destroyed, leaving him, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson homeless.

His business was not insured.

Persons who are willing to donate can contact Rajmatie Anantram on 682-6023 and Purushotam Geewan on 663-5505.

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