Hopkinson promises seven-second time for Supra in GT-R battle


New owner of the powerful Toyota Supra, Harold Hopkinson, is confident his newly acquired machine can defeat Team Mohamed’s black GT-R.

According to Hopkinson, once both cars come off the line at the same time, they will have the edge given the changes done on the machine and the track preparation at South Dakota.

The Supra was previously owned by the late Deryck ‘Mad Dog’ Jaisingh, and was already pushing eight-second times.

Hopkinson revealed that they have made significant changes to reduce the weight and he is confident that once there is a fair start, they have the ability to beat either of Team Mohamed’s black GT-Rs.

“We got to see what we put down; as long as we come off the line together [with the GT-R], I think we got the edge. It will go sub-eight [seconds] with the traction, Kong will go a lot faster,” he confidently conveyed to News Room Sport on Thursday.

On Sunday, the Supra will be piloted by Denzel ‘Hammertime’ Hopkinson. In October 2019, in the absence of Team Mohamed’s, the Supra clocked 8.740 seconds in a solo run.

According to the new owner, the Supra should run a seven-second time on the quarter-mile

Hopkinson further revealed some changes and other capabilities of the car, which will come under the Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc. banner.

“It has a larger turbo and we did some work to the block…it will be a lot faster, as it is might 180 miles per hour at the end of the strip, but with the removal of things like the bonnet and other body work parts that are metal and change it to fiberglass or carbon fire; the power to weight is going to be awesome; it [the Supra] is going to be the thing to beat.”

He added, “The whole rear end was replaced; he [Shawn Persaud] welded everything even for the new turbo system, I saw him build that from scratch, it is a fantastic job and I am extremely pleased with Shawn.”

The close relationship with mechanic Shawn Persaud and knowing his capabilities was the reason, the businessman opted to purchase the vehicle.

“I decided to go with it because that car has potential and his cars are usually things to beat, so if he has the backing to do it, he will do it, so that is why I came on board and ask the [GMRS&SC] President for help and we got the car.”

There will be limited tickets on sale for Sunday’s event and those can only be purchased at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club on Albert Street and Thomas Lands, Georgetown.

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