APNU+AFC too divisive, boorish to represent supporters – Nandlall


As the 2021 budget debate entered the homestretch, the APNU+AFC Parliamentary Opposition came in for harsh criticism over their representation of Guyanese, particularly their support base, which they have held out to be mainly Afro- Guyanese.

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, SC, on Monday said the Coalition is too “divisive and boorish” to properly offer parliamentary representation to the people they claim to represent.

The APNU+AFC Opposition has repeatedly claimed that they representation half of Guyana’s population.

Speaking candidly during his presentation during the budget debates, Nandlall said people are disgusted by the way members of the coalition opposition have behaved both inside and outside the National Assembly.

Nandlall said claims that the Coalition represents Afro- Guyanese, the poor, and working-class amounts to simply window dressing.

“The entire letter column in last Friday’s Kaieteur News denounces the APNU+AFC,” he added before taking a swipe at Opposition MP Sherod Duncan who posted a picture on his Facebook page showing him lying on the floor with his pants unbuckled in the precincts of Parliament.

Nandall said it was “degenerate vulgarity” which should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“The Honourable Members on the other side come and pretend to be representative of Afro Guyanese when all they have done is pauperized Guyanese, the working people including Afro Guyanese.”

“I must speak candidly, that is why we are given immunity… none of the members on that side are more qualified to represent Afro Guyanese more than anyone on the PPP side of the House,” he added.

The Attorney General said the Afro-centric charade of the APNU+AFC Coalition must be dismantled.

He said the Coalition MPs sunk to a new low when they labeled Afro Guyanese in the Irfaan Ali’s Cabinet as “tokens.”

“Imagine they look at our honorable Prime Minister with substantive responsibilities and label him a token.”

Nandlall said the Coalition claims to represents public servants but reminded that during its term in office they labeled striking teachers as selfish and uncaring and told Amerindians that they were greedy when they made demands for lands.

He also reminded the Coalition of their acts to repossess lands from scores of Region Six rice farmers.

“I think I have provided sufficient examples to dismantle the mantra of representing poor people and the working class,” he added.

Nandlall said the Coalition’s representation and performance are so bad that if they were to go to elections tomorrow, they will likely lose 10 of their seats in the National Assembly.

“They have a problem created by them that they have to shoulder… it is one of credibility,” he said.

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