‘The CEO must go!’ Linden nurses call for Hospital CEO to resign or be fired


Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) nurses and officials from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) in Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) are continuing their demand for the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rudy Small to resign or be removed from the post over distasteful comments about the nurses during an interview with a reporter from an online news agency.

On Monday, over 100 nurses and regional officials protested outside the office of the CEO chanting, “We need justice” and “The CEO must go!”

Last Friday, the Regional officials also picketed the CEO’s office and circulated a petition among workers at the hospital. They also issued a letter calling for his removal.

The protesting nurses on Monday

According to the officials, Small has refused to meet with them to iron out this and other issues which the staff have been complaining about.

The article which was published by the online agency alleges that Small claimed that nurses leave the hospital to sleep with “their sweet man” at nights. However, Small on Friday issued a press release where he gave his side of the story.

The online agency also responded by posting an alleged portion of the audio of the interview with Small.

Small suggested his controversial comments were made “off the record” during casual conversation with the reporter, even adding that “during that off-record conversation, certain popular rumors relating to the issue of disappearing staff members were highlighted.”


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  1. Matthew says

    In a civilized society he would resign. You cannot insult your staff with a broadbrush comment that likely has little truth to it in the slightest. He should have apologized and begged forgiveness if he wanted to keep his job.

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