CWI Presidency: “I don’t see Mr. Cameron playing a role in my administration”- Sanasie


Cricket West Indies (CWI) Director and aspiring CWI President, Anand Sanasie, has indicated that former President Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron will have no official role in his administration if he is elected to the top post at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and election of officers on March 28.

Cameron served as CWI President from 2013 to 2019 until he was unseated by the incumbent Richard ‘Ricky’ Skerritt. He lost the elections 4-8.

The Jamaican is one of the three CWI Presidents Sanasie has served under, but said he would meet all former presidents to listen to their ideas of moving the sport forward.

“I understand there is a lot circulating in the media or I should say the underground media because it does not come out. Mr. Cameron called me to congratulate me for putting up my name; I don’t see Mr. Cameron playing a role in my administration,” the Presidential hopeful responded to News Room Sport on Monday at a press conference held at the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).

He added, “However, if I am to win that position as CWI President, I would engage all former Presidents to tap into their knowledge.”

On February 19, Cameron, in an interview with Nationwide Sports, said he will be doing everything he can to help Sanasie beat Skerritt for the regional board presidency.

Two days earlier, Sanasie had confirmed his nomination as a challenger to Skerritt at this month’s elections, however, he did not disclose which territorial boards offered support.

On Monday, he divulged that he was nominated by the GCB, of which he is the Secretary, and the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) for which his running mate, Calvin Hope, is the Vice-President.

“The nominations were done by Barbados and Guyana. I notice people would say seconded, but two nominations are required, it is not really a second.”

The T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) will once again be supporting the pair of Skerritt and his Vice-president Dr. Kishore Shallow at the elections.

Skerritt and Dr. Shallow, the current president of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, have been nominated by the Leeward Islands Cricket Board and the TTCB. Dr. Shallow is also the President of the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control.

It is understood that if the 12 votes are tied, the incumbent will remain in office.

The inference as it stands would suggest Sanasie and Hope would need to secure a minimum of three more votes.

“I am not sure who is supporting who. Going into the race I would have looked at my numbers and these numbers tend to change. Dave Cameron thought he had the numbers as the incumbent, he obviously didn’t, and these things have a way of being unpredictable since certain changes to the articles of association of CWI.”

With a decade of service to CWI, Sanasie indicated he felt it was time to “bring change”, which prompted him to run for the position.

“After 10 years sitting on the board I think I have enough experience,” he opined.

“I did it this time around because quite a few of my colleagues have been approaching me to say ‘you can do this for us.’ I considered it a few years back, but I didn’t want to do it…one of the main things that was deterring me, about two-three years back, was trying to get a settled environment back home here.”

He added, “This time I had to go for it because too many of my colleagues were saying you have to, it is getting from bad to worse and at that time the amount of colleagues that were talking to me pretty much convinced me. I spoke with the Executives of the Cricket Board and my family, and I decided to go for it.”

In 2003, former GCB President, Chetram Singh, went up for the position, but opted to withdraw his nomination.

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