PM announces plan to ‘drastically’ improve internet availability to provide gov’t services online


Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips on Monday announced that the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) will increase the internet bandwidth provided for government agencies and institutions.

The announcement was made during his budget debate presentation.

With an estimated $2.2 billion allocation for the NDMA this year, the NDMA will continue to work to transform the delivery of government services and improve citizens’ quality of life through appropriate use of technology that fosters digital inclusion and public trust.

“NDMA will drastically improve its internet availability through the utilization of two independent providers.

“This now provides a redundant path for NDMA internet services.

“NDMA will aggressively be pursuing the Fiber Optic Cable Installation project across the coast to facilitate the expansion and reach of government services and reach and replace the limited capacity of the current wireless option,” the Prime Minister said.

He noted that interconnecting communication towers will allow more capacity and reliability at more locations along the coast.

“These towers will be used to provide improved access to internet services throughout community hotspots and hubs. NDMA currently provides internet access at over 80 sites in the streets of Georgetown which are free and hopefully available to all,”.

The Prime Minister added that NDMA is further expanding its internet access to Hinterland and remote locations with plans for more expansions beyond the current installation.

“Leveraging the existing and new fiber and infrastructure in Georgetown, the NDMA will proceed to interconnect secondary schools with fiber, thereby, significantly increasing bandwidth availability to improve the delivery of the schools’ virtual curriculum,” he ended.

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