Skerritt-Shallow announces Forward ‘WI’ Go in bid to retain power


Cricket West Indies (CWI) is #FORWARD ‘WI’ GO under the leadership of incumbent President Ricky Skerritt and Vice-President Dr. Kishore Shallow, staying on track with the ‘Cricket First’ policy, which guided their first term in office as the duo announces their bid for a second two-year term from 2021-2023.

Both candidates received nominations from the same two Territorial Boards, who first advocated for their candidacies in 2019, the Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB) and Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB).

Skerritt-Shallow has already received formal advice of support from the Windward Islands Cricket Board (WICB), and predicts similar support from the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA).

The elections take place on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

CWI Vice-President Dr. Kishore Shallow

In announcing their re-election bid, President Skerritt said that he will continue to lead the fight for organisational modernisation, including greater transparency, accountability, and partnership with all stakeholders, designed to support and prepare for achieving the best possible on-field results.

He said Dr. Shallow and himself would also continue to battle against petty Boardroom politics and territorial insularity, two of the biggest enemies of West Indies cricket progress.

“Some people seem to believe that the CWI Boardroom is a type of Parliament where their only job is to oppose or resist any decision that doesn’t directly benefit them individually. Sadly, both of our election opponents are strong proponents of that same antiquated, self-centered, and confrontational mindset,” Skerritt said.

Skerritt continued: “This CWI 2021 leadership election provides another opportunity for cricket lovers to think seriously about who is best suited to champion the bigger cause of West Indies Cricket, at this crucial time. Two years ago, the Skerritt-Shallow partnership introduced our Ten (10) Point ‘Cricket First’ Plan, which has become the improvement mantra of our stewardship”.

“As we now approach the completion of a very challenging, but productive first term, we are upgrading that plan. We are proud of the numerous transformational changes which are already taking place at CWI based on that very plan, some of the points are now self-sustaining in their implementation, but some points still need our direct attention. We are therefore pleased to let the Caribbean public know that we will be seeking re-election to a second term of the CWI offices of President and Vice-President based on an updated Ten-Point plan.”

Half-way through the first term of Skerritt-Shallow, in March 2020, the region was confronted by the unexpected challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, CWI responded quickly and strategically and has been exemplary in how we pivoted to the forefront of the international risk management response.

CWI under Skerritt-Shallow were already implementing the twenty-eight recommendations of the CWI 2019 PKF Business Situation Assessment and Financial Review when the Pandemic hit. However, amid these debilitating challenges and unpredictable outlook, our 10 Point ‘Cricket First’ Plan has continued to be the foundation of the Skerritt-Shallow stewardship.

Skerritt-Shallow has identified the following ten priorities that will now constitute their upgraded ‘Cricket First Plus’ plan for their second term in office: 

  • Greater investment in Grassroots Cricket, in partnership with Governments
  • Expansion of the Coaching Education program to reach over 1000 Foundation Level volunteer coaches across the region, to include teachers and parents
  • Review of the Regional Professional Franchise System, to improve standards and to generate a more sustainable cricket and learning culture.
  • Increased Fan engagement, with commercial benefits
  • Greater international exposure for U-23, Emerging and A-team players
  • Implementation of a Master Plan for CCG as the hub of a Regional High Performance System, that includes a network of Academies across the region.
  • Optimum use of Science and Technology geared towards significant gains in productivity on all operational fronts.
  • Development of a Financial Sustainability Plan, to include increased  support for Territorial Boards, on an incentivised basis.
  • Establishment of a Past-Players Consultative Forum
  • Strategic collaboration with the owners of CPL to achieve mutually desired cricket and commercial outcomes.

The Skerritt-Shallow leadership has therefore set the stage for CWI to strengthen partnerships further with all stakeholders, especially the Territorial Boards, to build together and sustain a modern cricket-centric organisation, featuring a cricket system which will produce more knowledgeable, confident and battle-ready cricketers.

Skerritt-Shallow continues to be the leadership team that is best suited to continue the important work that we have started together, on behalf of the needs of West Indies cricket. (Skerritt-Shallow Press Release)

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