Pregnant mother of 7 dies on the way to hospital


Police are investigating the death of 40-year-old Beverly Bumbury, a mother of seven, who collapsed and died in the wee hours of Sunday on her way to the hospital.

A police report noted that Bumbury, who was eight months pregnant, complained of feeling unwell to her husband, 45-year-old Ray Bumbury, while at their Bonasika, Essequibo River house. The husband, who is a farmer, told police that his wife suffered from hypertension.

He decided to take her to the hospital and so they departed Bonasika via boat but during the journey, the pregnant woman continued to feel unwell, and upon their arrival at the Hubu landing on the East Bank of the Essequibo River at around 01:00hrs, she appeared to have lost consciousness.

A report was made to the police at the Parika Police Station, East Bank Demerara, and efforts were made to rush her to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, West Coast Demerara, where she was examined by a doctor on duty and pronounced dead.

The body was examined by the police for any marks of violence but none was found. Investigations are ongoing.

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