Lusignan prison escapee nabbed stealing from Ruby chicken farm


Phillip Jhagroo, 48, who escaped from the Lusignan prison in November last year, was on Tuesday morning nabbed by residents of Ruby, East Bank Essequibo who caught him stealing from a chicken farm in the area.

A resident told the News Room that Jhagroo stole a generator and two water pumps from the chicken farm and hid it under a jamoon tree. When he was confronted over the theft, Jhagroo ran away and eventually jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and tried to swim away.

However, residents followed him in a boat and brought him to shore. The Police then took him into custody.

Jhagroo, along with Mark Emmanuel,18 and Donald Baird, 40, escaped from the Lusignan Prison on November 21, 2020 by using a bedsheet as a rope.

Jhagroo, known as ‘Tanky’, was charged with the murder of Mark Narine, known as Marco between March 30- 31, 2019 at School Dam, Richmond Hill, Leguan. According to reports Narine and Jhagroo were friends and were drinking together when an argument erupted.

Subsequently, Narine was riding his motorcycle along School Dam when he was lashed off his motorcycle by Jhagroo. Narine was allegedly thrown overboard into a nearby trench by Jhagroo.

The next day, Narine’s lifeless body was discovered in the trench. An autopsy confirmed that Narine died from drowning but he had wounds to his head consistent with being hit with an object.


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