Man jailed for 25 years after convicted of raping young girl


Ivor Laud was on Thursday sentenced to 25 years imprisonment by High Court, Judge Jo-Ann Barlow on two counts of rape committed on a young girl.

Earlier this month, Laud was found guilty of the two offences by a 12-member jury at the Demerara High Court.  He was accused of raping the child when she was eight-years-old and then again when she was 10-years-old.

Laud, a married man, usually lured the child into his home.

The state was represented by Sarah Martin and Nafeeza Baig while Laud was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Racheal Bakker.

During the sentencing hearing on Thursday, Prosecutor Martin asked the court to consider the nature and gravity of the offence and the negative impact it had on the victim’s life. She also asked the court to consider that the defendant took the victim’s innocence and showed no remorse for his actions.

Justice Barlow before sentencing considered the seriousness of the charge and the fact that Laud breached the of trust the victim. She also considered the prevalence of the charge in society and the manner in which it was committed.

The Judge sentenced Laud to serve 22 years on the first count and 25 years on the second count. However, the sentencing will run concurrently, and Laud will only spend 25 years behind bars.

He was also ordered to attend counselling session behind bars which to cater for persons who were convicted for a sexual offence committed on children.

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