Skerritt, Sanasie clash over report to CWI Ethics Committee


Cricket West Indies (CWI) President, Ricky Skerritt, and his challenger for the top post at this month’s election, Anand Sanasie, have clashed over an alleged report to CWI Ethics Committee.

On Monday (March 22), both sides issued statements with the issue at hand being Sanasie’s reporting of Skerritt to the Ethics Committee for the incumbent’s meeting with the Sport Minister of Guyana.

The CWI election is fixed for March 28.


I note that Mr. Anand Sanasie has publicly stated that he has ‘reported’ me to the CWI Ethics Committee because of my attendance at a meeting with Honourable Charles Ramson of Guyana. Other than through Mr. Sanasie’s public announcement, I have not been notified that there is any matter before the Ethics Committee.

I also note for the record that, just in the last year, there have been two previous mischievous attempts by Mr. Sanasie’s running mate, Calvin Hope, to accuse me of unethical conduct during my tenure as CWI President. On both occasions the Ethics Committee found that there was no basis to the Calvin Hope complaints.

In this latest baseless tactic, Mr. Sanasie is showing a contemptuous disregard for the established system of the election of a President of CWI, just as he has done over many years in Guyana.

It is Mr. Sanasie’s own disregard for good governance and his disrespect for the judicial system which seven years ago brought about related Government Legislation, designed to prevent his continued abuse of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).

Even if he has actually complained, such a complaint could not disqualify my nomination for the presidency of CWI. This attempt to involve the Ethics Committee in petty politics further highlights my concern that Sanasie’s only plan for West Indies cricket is to get power over it, by any means whatsoever.


I have seen a statement from CWI President Ricky Skerritt and will be responding formally shortly. However, it is both disappointing and unsurprising to see the type of language used in the statement.

The personal attack and slurs is a clear sign of desperation that is reaching a crescendo in the Skerritt camp as a result of my candidacy.

The vitriolic statement is in fact unmasking Mr. Skerritt who possesses a fierce aversion to different views and is a proponent of the “my way or the high way” philosophy of leadership.

Such leadership styles cannot endure to the benefit of CWI. My formal statement will be released shortly.

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