BCB delegation resolves long-standing issues in Upper Corentyne


The long-standing problem of registration of players playing in the Upper Corentyne area was resolved on Tuesday last when President of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), Hilbert Foster, led an eight-man delegation to meet with the clubs in the area.

Representatives of 26 clubs were present at the meeting, which was chaired by President of the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association, Dennis D’Andrade.

Members of the BCB delegation included Vice-president Albert Smith, Treasurer Dr. Cecil Beharry, Assistant Secretary Ameer Rahaman, Public Relations Officer Simon Naidu and Chairman of the Competition Committee Leslie Solomon.

Foster noted that the main problem in the area was the registration of players and the habit of players leaving clubs regularly and in some cases, players representing as much as three clubs in the calendar year.

The BCB, with the support of the UCCA, organised the meeting to resolve the problem so that the packed cricket season for the area can start.

Foster, who was on his 81st visit to the sub-association since his election as BCB President, told the players that once they were registered with a club for 2020, they would have to play out the year with that club.

No more request for transfer would be accepted in 2020, while players who desire to move to another club in 2022, would have to follow the BCB guidelines of obtaining permission from their old club and acceptance from the one, they are seeking to play for.

The BCB delegation worked along with each of the clubs on their lists and apart from two minor objections, the process went smoothly. Over 400 players were registered during the two-hour session.

The BCB President informed the clubs of the major plans for the Upper Corentyne area for 2021.

This includes at least four cricket tournaments, a mini cricket academy, coaching clinics, assistance for clubs and an educational scholarship for a cricketer, who attends the University of Guyana.

Clubs in the area have already benefitted from donation of cricket balls, cricket gear, scorebooks, trophies and catching cribs from the BCB this year.

Two weeks ago, eight clubs in the area received G$1.4 million worth of gear from an overseas donor. The UCCA and the BCB in early April would be hosting the Vishu Super Store 40-over and the Vitality 20/20 knockout tournaments.

Teams were also encouraged to register for upcoming tournaments that would start shortly at the Under-19, Under-21, Under-23, Under-13, Intermediate, county-wide second division and female levels.

The BCB delegation also discussed the area’s participation in first division cricket and the debarring of players.

The Skeldon Community Centre Cricket Club received a financial donation from the board to assist it to purchase gear, while the UCCA also collected a large amount of kites that would be distributed to children in the area as part of their outreach programme.

Several clubs, who did not attend the recent Shimron Hetmyer Trust Fund Programme, also collected their donation of cricket balls and scorebooks. Foster, at the end of the meeting, urged the teams to remain united, discipline and to work along with the management of the UCCA.

He specially mentioned the outstanding work of the UCCA President and Vice-president Sydney Jackman, who at the age of 80, continues to be a livewire of energy and commitment.

UCCA President Dennis D’Andrade expressed gratitude to Foster for his hard work and special emphasis on cricket in his sub-association. (Berbice Cricket Board Press Release)

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