‘Character and reputation matters’ – President tells 17 newly sworn-in Land Surveyors


Four women were among 17 persons who took their Oath before President Irfaan Ali to become Land Surveyors at State House on Friday.

The official certification of the surveyors came amid a stern warning from the President for the high standards and integrity of the profession to be maintained.

“Character and reputation matters, you have to display spot-less integrity,” the President told the youngsters who he said will become the pacesetters in the changing dynamics of the profession.

“Don’t believe for a moment that you have arrived. You are just at the beginning of the journey. Things are changing and it requires that you continuously change your outlook. You have to learn to unlearn to relearn. Do not sit down and relax and believe that you have arrived as surveyors.” Dr Ali added in his charge to the newly-minted surveyors.

President Irfaan Ali and one of the newly sworn-in Land Surveyors

He cautioned that when temptations present themselves, surveyors must rely on the Oath that they took; to serve with the highest levels of integrity and an adherence to high standards already set. In congratulating the new cohort of surveyors, the President said: “let the law direct your actions. The Land Surveyors (Profession) Act is your rule book. The Act must become your guidance as you engage.”

The 17 Surveyors, who took the Oath on Friday, were from two batches over the period 2018 and 2019 where they underwent a full year of training with other senior land surveyors. With an average 60 per cent pass grade, they received training in land law, surveying theory, measuring science, astronomy and mathematics.

President Irfaan Ali and two of the newly sworn-in Land Surveyors

Meanwhile, Examiner of the Land Surveyor’s Examination, Rene Duesbury, reported poor performance in the areas of math and astronomy.  He said there was a need for the Guyana Technical Institute (GTI) to ensure that persons being accepted for the programme have at least a grade three in math.

The newly sworn Land Surveyors are:

Afridi Ali

Kelwin Gittens

Amanda Bobb-Semple

Tearra Fredericks

Ashton Blair

Aclint Weeks

Anop Chetram

Alex Pearson

Dale Fraser

Colin Henry

Akeen Banjamin

Terrence Griffith

Lisa Allicock

Alex Lord

Dahron Hopkinson

Natasha Rameswar

Alejando Latchman

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