Devin Permaul representing Archery Guyana at Pan American Championships


More than a year ago, Archery Guyana reported on two members- Devin Persaud Permaul and Wayne DeAbreu- who would have been participating in the Olympic Qualification process.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic subsequently hit globally. Right now however, in the world of Archery, there is some glimmer of hope as things return to a new ‘normal’ and Guyana is once again back on track to seek to secure spots in the Tokyo Games for Archery.

Earlier this week in Monterrey, Mexico, 20 countries sent representatives to shoot at the Pan American Championships under the strict pandemic regulations as set by World Archery and the local health authorities.

And present there in Monterrey, Mexico, is Guyana’s very own Devin Permaul, flying the Golden Arrowhead amidst fierce competition for the quota places.

There are three quota places reserved in these Pan American Championships, which are reserved for countries in the Americas and can only be won by countries who have not already secured a place; each nation can only collect a maximum of one quota place per gender in Monterrey, Mexico.

There is only one last qualification tournament, which will take place in Paris in June, after these continental championships which will be open to all countries.

However, with travel plans uncertain, and the global pandemic still of great concern, this competition in Monterrey might be the last chance for some of the athletes, and especially for Guyana to qualify for the Games.

The pressure on the Guyanese is high and the battle for these quota places will be intense. The Board of Directors of Archery Guyana wishes Devin Permaul all the best and urges all of Guyana to rally around him and send positive energy across the miles for Guyana. (Archery Guyana Press Release)

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