Employee of ‘Guy-Bisco’ Importation robbed of $1.4M


Police are investigating an alleged robbery committed on an employee of Guy-Bisco Importation Limited, which occurred Thursday on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.

The male employee claimed that he was robbed of $1.4 million, the property of the company, shortly after he completed selling items on behalf of his employer at various shops.

Police Headquarters, in a statement, said that the employee claimed he secured the funds in the canter he was driving and proceeded to return to his place of work in the company of his porter and warehouse attendant.

During a congested traffic stop in the vicinity of the Guyana Water Inc., two perpetrators approached on a red and black motorcycle (# unknown).  It is alleged that the pillion rider jumped off and lashed the victim two times to his head with a gun, pointed the gun to him and ordered him to hand over the keys.

It is further alleged that the pillion rider then took out a grey canister, which contained the cash and the victim’s cellphone and escaped with his accomplice.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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