Albion calls for new GCB officials to put cricket first


The President, Executives and Members of the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club would like to congratulate Bissoondyal Singh and his newly elected Executives of the Guyana Cricket Board.

The Berbice club said in a statement: “We at the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club are extremely happy that the impasse that has plagued the administration of cricket in Guyana for over a decade has now ended. It is our hope that the elected officials will put cricket first and discharge their duties and responsibilities in a non-partisan manner.

The thought of self-aggrandisement by any Executive should not be harboured nor should any official of the GCB’s use their position to their personal benefit or their Club. It is also expected that the Executives of the Board will at all times display a very high level of professionalism and as officials of a public organisation, be prepared to handle criticisms.

Further, the Club, as a major stakeholder in Guyana’s cricket, has noted that there are several unproven cricket administrators who have been elected as Executives; however, we are fully committed to support the new Board.

We would also like to remind those elected that as cricket administrators, it is not what you can get out of the game but rather what you can put in. Once again, congratulations and best wishes to the new President and Executives of the GCB.”

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