Everest CC congratulates new GCB executive members


The Everest Cricket Club has extended congratulations to newly-elected President of the Guyana Cricket Board, Bissoondyal Singh, while offering an invitation to the executive members to visit the Camp Road club to brainstorm ideas to move the sport forward.

Below is the full message issued by Everest CC.

On behalf of the members, Executives and I, my warmest congratulations to you and the newly-elected Executive of the Guyana Cricket Board.

We assure you and the Board that our club will continue to work within our local umbrella associations and zones along with the GCB to further enhance the game and strengthen the skills and talents of our players.

The Everest Cricket Club invites you and your Executive to visit our club so that we can share our ideas and strategies along with listening to you concerning your vision for the sport in our country.

For the past few years, we have cooperated and shared our resources with other facilities to improve the standard of the game among the clubs in our locality.

As more clubs emulate this friendly rivalry our country will improve its performance at all levels in Cricket.

Please accept our assurances of the highest regards.

Manzoor Nadir,

President- Everest Cricket Club

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