Khan carts off Survival Supermarket’s Phagwah golf title


It was another good day of competitive golf at the Lusignan Golf Club, when 30 competitors challenged each other on a windy afternoon while observing all COVID-19 protocols.

This was the third consecutive year of the Phagwah golf tournament, sponsored by Survival Supermarket.

The winning golfer was Kassim Khan, who kept a cool head throughout the overcast afternoon to shoot gross 74 and net 67, playing off handicap 7.

The other top performers were

Shanella London- gross 80, net 70, handicap 10

Hilbert Shields- gross 84, net 71, handicap 13

Vijay Deo- gross 82, net 71, handicap 11

Top performers! From left: Vijay Deo, Kassim Khan, Hilbert Shields and George Paton, standing in for Shanella London

The sponsor, Survival Supermarket, is one of the leading modern supermarkets in Guyana and has agreed to continue to support the game of golf in Guyana.

Next week promises to be another sweet treat with the inaugural Bruster’s Ice Cream Challenge. The sponsor has also committed to an annual endorsement.

At the trophy ceremony, representatives of the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) congratulated all the participation for their support of the sport and also thanked Survival Group of Business for another year of partnership.

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