Residents of Palms are not given ‘black tea’ – Human Services Ministry says



The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security categorically denounces and refutes any and all information being circulated that residents of the Palms Elderly Care Facility are being served “black tea” due to the shortage of milk.

The Ministry decisively refutes this report as not only mischievous but malicious. The well-being and comfort of the elderly are given our paramount consideration. Food and medical supplies are key to the welfare of the residents of this facility and are always in stock and on hand.

The Ministry sees these unfounded attacks on this Elderly Care facility as unfortunate and reiterates the public stance and commitment recently given by the Hon Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud to improving the lives of this category of our citizens, with the opening of the Elderly Resource Centre in Region Six.  Passionate about the issue of elderly abuse the Minister also indicated the launching an aggressive campaign to educate and sensitise persons, families and communities on this societal ill.

The Ministry would urge those persons seeking to undermine and diminish the work of this elderly care facility and by extension the Ministry to use their energies to better serve and improve the lives of the elderly who have given much to the growth and development of our Country.

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