Sisters traumatised, fearful after severely beaten and burnt by Linden man


By Isanella Patoir

Two sisters – 21-year-old Manisha Singh and 18-year-old Sunita Singh – are now in a traumatised state and are fearful for their lives after they were brutally beaten and burnt, allegedly by Manisha’s ex-lover, Rajin Allen.

An older sister, Amanda, clarified that it was Sunita who received second-degree burns to her face, head, shoulder and neck. Police Headquarters had inaccurately reported that it was Manisha who was burnt.

Manisha was beaten with a piece of wood and a concrete block, and as a result, she is now suffering from a fractured skull and internal bleeding. Her right leg is also broken in two places.

Amanda told the News Room on Wednesday that Manisha and Allen have three young children (all girls) together – ages 5, 4 and 18 months. She claimed that Manisha ended the relationship with Allen four months ago after years of abuse.

While visiting her children on Monday last at Allen’s Block 22, Wismar house, it is alleged that he attacked the sisters. Amanda explained that her sisters had just returned to the house after taking the children for ice cream when he launched the gruesome attack; Amanda believes it was premeditated.

“A neighbour said when she [Manisha] returned with the children, he went outside and was bringing blocks and pieces of wood closer to the house and shortly after, the neighbour said she see a person foot and somebody beating the person,” Amanda said.

Amanda also claimed that Allen lives with his mother and stepfather who did nothing to help her sisters while they were being attacked.

“She was on visitation to check the children at his place. After the abusive life, she left him and he ended up bullying her to get the children and she never go to the law about it,” Amanda said.

Prior to the beating, Amanda said that her younger sister, Sunita, was outside waiting while Manisha said her goodbyes to the children.

“….but he blocked the door and Manisha said she feel a knife inside his waist, so she tell [Sunita] to go ahead cause she didn’t want raise any alarm because she done know he was armed. But he call back [Sunita] inside,” Amanda stated.

According to Amanda, when Sunita went inside, Allen grabbed her and doused her with a mug of hot water. Manisha then attempted to escape but Allen ran behind her and started to beat her in the yard.

“When he finish with [Manisha] in the yard, he go back inside the house and continue beating the next sister saying, ‘Sunita encouraging Manisha to change the phone password.’ But she [Sunita] said she didn’t even know he wanted the phone cause she would have given him to stop beating her,” Amanda told the News Room.

She said her sisters were beaten until they lost consciousness and Allen escaped.

“We need justice, we need everything that could come out of this…we don’t want this to go down,” Amanda stated.

Meanwhile, Police said at about 03:10h on Tuesday, Allen turned himself in at the Mackenzie Police Station.

According to the police report, Allen and Manisha were involved in an argument after she reportedly refused to give him the password to her phone.

Amanda claimed that numerous reports were made in the past to the police by her sister relating to Allen and his abuse.

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    This man should be locked up for life + 5 years.

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