Health Ministry to crack down on doctors who “are not serving” the public health system


Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony says he is aiming to put an end to the practice of doctors neglecting their duties in the public healthcare system because they are caught up with their private practice.

Minister Anthony on Thursday, during his daily COVID-19 update, said he received reports of these doctors spending limited time at the public hospitals because they ‘rush over’ to their private practice.

Dr Anthony did not provide much details on the issue or stated what would be the consequences for doctors found guilty of this practice.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

“We have a number of doctors who have been employed with us who would come in and spend maybe an hour in the hospital and then they run away to their private practice. This is something that we are working to curb because they are not serving the population in the public health system for which they are being paid,” Dr Anthony stated.

Meanwhile, he also dispelled reports by the Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon and Opposition Member of Parliament, Ganesh Mahipaul, about several doctors who reportedly resigned from the West Demerara Regional Hospital, citing shortage of drugs and medication.

“I have asked the authorities at the West Demerara Hospital whether or not they have received any such resignations…I am told that about three weeks ago one doctor had resigned. As of today, we haven’t received any resignation from any doctor,” Dr Anthony said.

Dr Anthony also addressed reports of doctors being faced with double workload and said this is not the case. He explained that doctors are assigned duties as per normal and are not being overworked.

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