Three arrested as police destroy over 40,000 ganja plants


Three men are in police custody after they were found working on one of two ganja farms along the Berbice River in Region 10.

Police Headquarters, in a statement, noted that an intelligence-led operation was carried out on Wednesday between 06:30h and 17:40h.

“The two farms were located opposite each other measuring about 13 acres with about 40,000 plants and 1,000 nursery plants in several trays and one camp. In the camp an approximate amount of (50,000) seeds were also found,” the statement noted.

One of the marijuana farms found by the police

Police said the camp was searched and two 12-gauge shotgun cartridges were found, along with some dried cannabis droplets, which consisted of dried leaves, seeds and stems weighing about 40lbs.

The camps and farms were destroyed by fire.

Meanwhile, another farm was also discovered measuring about one acre of land with about 3,000 plants measuring about 4-5 feet in length with an abandoned camp. This farm and camp were also destroyed.

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