Gov’t aims to vaccinate 40,000 against COVID this week


As Guyana’s aggressive COVID-19 immunisation programme continues, the Ministry of Health on Sunday reported that 40,000 Guyanese should expect to receive their first vaccine doses this week.

The ministry, in a statement, noted that several hundred-second doses are also expected to be administered.  More than 100 fixed vaccination site and mobile teams will be administering first and second doses of the vaccines starting Tuesday, April 6.

According to the Health Ministry, these teams will be administering vaccines across the administrative regions and persons who are 40 years and older are advised to take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

So far, as of Saturday, April 3, a total of 40, 468 persons were vaccinated and of this, 12 were second doses. The ministry was happy to report that Guyana has surpassed 3,000 vaccinations daily, three times last week.

As records would show, the top three Regions seeing massive turn out for vaccinations were the largest populated ones – Regions Four, Six and Three, the ministry reported, noting that the least numbers were recorded in Regions Eight, Nine and Ten.

The government has been relentlessly pursuing efforts to procure more vaccines as the ministry noted that contact has been made with manufacturers such as Astra Zeneca, COVAXIN, Pfizer, Moderna with Johnson and Johnson being contacted this week.

“The Government will continue this engagement, leaving no stone unturned, and will procure vaccines as they become available. The President has publicly declared that the Government will find the resources necessary to vaccinate the population,” the Ministry of Health noted in the statement.


But even as efforts are being pursued to aid the fight against the pandemic, there have been major concerns regarding Guyanese who have taken the “anti-vaxxer stance”, the ministry noted.

“This is irresponsible. While vaccination is not mandatory in Guyana, it is an effective public health measure and protects against certain diseases. In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, it will protect against severe illnesses and, therefore, is imperative for every citizen.”

Persons who are publicly criticizing vaccination with “conspiracy theories”, the ministry urged them to desist, as the vaccine serves as the safest method to protect citizens from the harsh effects of the virus.

“It will not turn anyone into something else; it will definitely not turn anyone into any animal. We urge citizens to dismiss these conspiracy theories and to ignore those spreading wild tales.”

With a new and more potent surge of the virus attacking young and healthy persons, the ministry warned that it is imperative for citizens to desist from spreading rumors about the vaccine and to get vaccinated.

“The Ministry of Health cannot be more blunt – stay at home and go out only when necessary. The public health curfew is in everyone’s best interest.”

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