Tuschen man robbed by taxi driver and passenger, thrown out of vehicle


Police are investigating a robbery committed on Ali Mohamed, a resident of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, who was robbed of $20,000 in cash and thrown out of a purple Toyota Fielder wagon by a taxi driver known as ‘Robin’ and a passenger.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the robbery occurred at about 01:50h on Monday.

Mohamed told the police that he was awaiting transportation at the ‘Blacka’ Junction in Tuschen after visiting his sister; he stopped the taxi, told the driver where he was going and saw the other passenger in the seat behind the driver.

Mohamed explained that moments after driving off, the driver turned the corner right of the junction and stopped. It was at this stage, Mohamed claimed, that he was dealt several cuffs about his body by the driver and the passenger and during the process, he was relieved of the cash.

He was subsequently thrown out of the vehicle, after which the two suspects escaped in the eastern direction in the said vehicle.

Police said checks were made for the suspects and the vehicle, but it was unsuccessful.

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