Army deploys 400 ranks to assist in COVID vaccination drive

-over 50,000 vaccinated


Some 400 ranks of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) have been deployed to assist with the countrywide COVID-19 vaccination campaign; the country on Thursday surpassed 50,000 vaccinations.

According to the Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony, ranks trained in the medical field will assist with the actual vaccination while others will assist with documentation and the COVID-19 vaccine education programme.

The Minister explained, during the daily COVID-19 Update on Thursday, that with the added personnel, the vaccination drive will be accelerated.

Army ranks assisting in the COVID Vaccination drive

The ranks will be dispersed across regions at the various vaccinations sites.

“We are happy that the GDF has allowed us to get access to these personnel because they would certainly enhance the accelerated roll out that we have,” Dr Anthony said.

Meanwhile, Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy in a Facebook post on Thursday said by next week Guyana will be ranked at number one of CARICOM countries for vaccinations.

“This means that 10 out of every 100 adult Guyanese have received a first dose. This puts Guyana ahead of most countries around the world. We want to ensure that we vaccinate another 100, 000 by the end of April,” Dr Ramsammy stated.

Below is a list of fixed vaccination sites across the country;

The fixed sites for COVID-19 vaccination are:

Region        Sites

1        Mabaruma Regional Hospital

Port Kaituma District Hospital

Matthew’s Ridge Hospital

Waramuri Health Centre

Manawarin Health Centre

Kumaka District Hospital

Kwebanna Health Centre

Suddie Regional Hospital

Charity Hospital

Anna Regina Health Centre

Supernaam Health Centre

Hust Diren Health Centre

Queenstown Health Centre

Oscar Joseph Hospital

3        Parika Health Centre

Goed Intent Health Centre

Versailles Health Centre

Den Amstel Health  Centre

West Demerara Hospital

4        Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC )

Enmore Polyclinic

Diamond Diagnostic Centre

Vaccination Centre (Brickdam)

Unity Health Centre

Clonbrook Health Centre

Herstelling Health Centre

Melanie Health Centre

BV Health Centre

Lusignan Health Centre

Eccles Health Centre

Soesdyke  Health Centre

Private Hospitals

Davis Memorial Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

Woodlands Hospital

5        Fort Wellington District Hospital

Bushlot Health Centre

Mahicony Health Centre

High Dam Health Centre

Rosignol Health Centre

6        New Amsterdam Hospital

Skeldon Hospital

No. 47 Village Health Centre

Port Mourant Health Centre

Bothers Health Centre

7        Bartica Health Centre

8        Mahdia Hospital

Kato (Rovering Team)

9        Lethem Hospital

Annai Health Centre

Aishalton Hospital

Sandcreek Health Centre

10      Linden  Hospital

Kwakwani Health Centre

One Mile Health Centre

Amelia’s Ward Health Centre



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