National COVID-19 Task Force Advisory for Ramadan


See below the National COVID-19 Task Force Advisory for Ramadan 2021:

The holy month of Ramadan will be observed in Guyana from Tuesday 13th April, 2021.As a result of health and security concerns, the National COVID-19 Task Force finds it necessary to implement some restrictions to the traditional observances. On consultation with the Muslim leadership of Guyana, the undermentioned guidelines were formulated. These guidelines are intended to allow for a limited participation of Ramadan activities while maintaining the religious obligations.

  1. Mosques can be opened at the prescribed time for the five (5) daily prayers
  2. Prayers and religious programmes are allowed at 40% capacity of the mosques. Masjids are encouraged to utilise their outdoor spaces, where available, to accommodate their members with adequate social distancing
  3. Persons entering the Masjids must wear a mask, wash or sanitise at the entrance, and observe social distancing of four (4) feet apart during the prayer
  4. The Masjids must have sanitisers and face masks available for use by all persons attending. Imams and the executives of the Masjids are responsible for enforcing the COVID-19 Measures on the premises
  5. Persons attending the Masjids, as an additional precaution, should walk with a prayer mat
  6. Personal iftaar arrangements are permissible while maintaining the mandatory spacing. However, feeding / congregational Iftaars are not permitted at the Masjids
  7. Esha and Taraaweeh Prayers should be concluded by 21:30 hours
  8. The following persons should not attend the Masjids in Ramadan: Sick/ Elderly/ Incapacitated persons; pregnant women; and children under 11 years
  9. Persons are encouraged to observe Ramadhan and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr within their home circles
  10. Charitable activities and Eid Celebrations must not involve crowds
  11. To avoid overcrowding for the Jummah and Eid—ul—Fitr Prayers, multiple Prayers can be conducted at the same venue after subsequent sanitisation

Please note that the COVID Task Force will be conducting COVICURB inspections nationwide to ensure compliance with these guidelines.


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